100 Year Old Whiskey Found in Attic


Here’s something you don’t hear about everyday. A man in Missouri was installing central air-conditioning im his home when we discovered 13 bottles of nearly 100 year old whiskey under the floor boards of his attic. The bottles of Old Crow whiskey were dstilled in 1913 and bottled in 1917 and have been sitting in an attic for all these years.

Duff Beer

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons then you already know what Duff Beer is. The beer of choice of Homer Simpson can now be yours. At $40 a case it is not cheap beer, but hey you’re buying the awesome cans. The beer is actually brewed in Germany and has a decent 4.7% alcohol content.

Charleston Bloody Mary Mix

One popular cocktail that goes well with Vodka is the classic bloody mary, the new Charleston Bloody Mary Mix is one of the best bloody mary mixes out there. At just $10 it won’t break the bank but it will blow your taste buds away. They come in both Bold & Spicy varieties and is made out of premium ingredients. It includes Worcestershire, sea salt, ground peppercorn, tarragon, thyme, rice vinegar, habanero mash, and celery seed.

Crystal Head Vodka

One of the smoothest vodkas ever made, the new Pure Spirit Crystal Head Vodka from Dan Aykroyd has no additives like many of the other vodkas on the market. Many other vodka brands have additives, sugar, glycol and citrus to hide their flavor. Crystal Head Vodka is distilled four times and filtered three times to give it a great smooth flavor. Crystal Head Vodka is available online at most spirits retailers.